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Authorities are investigating a fire in the upper Avenues

Firefighters in a fire protection suit wearing firefighter helmet with breathing device and holding fire hose is extinguishing a burning house fire that is putting off excessive heat and smoke. Fire could have been caused by accident or arson. Second firefighter in background. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

SALT LAKE CITY– An unknown cause sparked a fire in the upper Avenues Saturday night, according to the Salt Lake City Fire Department.

Around 10:15 PM, the SLCFD was called about a fire on 11th Avenue. SLCPD Cheif  Ryan Mellor and crews contained the fire in 20 minutes.

“I was the incident commander and when I came around the corner it looked pretty impressive, but boy did it go out quickly,” said Chief Mellor.

Adolescents were seen running from the scene, however, there’s no evidence the fire was human-caused.

Authorities are investigating the fire.

Chief Mellor mentioned the fire did affect Shriners Hospital’s fire alarms. Some smoke seeped into HVAC systems. There was no actual damage to the hospital.

There were no injuries. The fire burned “about an acre or less,” said Cheif Mellor.

Chief Mellor credits the Inland Fire Crew for their speedy response and put-out of the fire.