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Wasatch Community Foundation

In 2005, there were many different organizations in Wasatch County attempting to do the same work and to fill the needs of county residents. The Wasatch Community Foundation was formed by a dedicated group of volunteers who wanted to have one organization connecting residents in giving and volunteering. Taking the guesswork out of where to donate time, money, and energy.

They connected the community through promoting education, health, hope, and well-being through community programs, events, and giving. They work together to answer community needs such as hunger, chronic diseases, child safety, and other health challenges. For example, one of their programs called Healing Hunger Here, supports food banks inside of schools where students can get food when they need it.

The Wasatch Community Foundation creates programs and supports events directly contributing to the local community. You can make a difference by becoming a member and learn more at

SelectHealth recognizes the unity provided by the Wasatch Community Foundation as another example of how Utah Gives Back.