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Poll shows opposition to gas tax hike and toll roads in Utah

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 13: A vehicle approach the M6 motorway toll booths on March 13, 2005 in Birmingham, England. The number of vehicles using the Toll road which opened in December 2003, has risen by 25% from January last year. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***

SALT LAKE CITY — A new poll shows most Utahns do not want to pay a higher gas tax, and they definitely do not want toll roads.

A poll conducted by Utah Policy found that 49% of Utahns do not want to see an increase in the gas tax.

And even more — 68% — say no way to toll roads, with only 23% in favor.

Currently, Utah’s gas tax is 30 cents a gallon right and previous legislation has it set to go up next year to 31 cents a gallon.

Some lawmakers say too much of the sales tax revenue is to transportation, and that road users should pay for roads instead, and those tax revenues collected at the pump are not enough to pay for roads.

Former State Senate President Wayne Niederhauser was behind the legislation paving the way for toll roads in Utah. He told the Deseret News people may not like it, but he thinks it’s the right thing to do.

He says sales taxes are being shifted to transportation, and people using the roads should pay for them.

The tax reform task force hasn’t spoken about about the gas tax over the summer.