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Police find the bodies of missing woman and her son

(Emily Quijano Almiron and her son, Gabriel, courtesy Orem Police)

EUREKA – A four-year long search for an Orem woman and her son has come to an end.  Police believe they’ve found their remains in a shallow grave five miles south of Eureka.

Officers had been looking for Emily Quijano Almiron and her son, Gabriel, since 2015.  They’re accused killer, Christopher Poulson, agreed to tell them where he hid their bodies as part of his plea deal.  However, even Poulson has trouble remembering exactly where the gravesite was.

(An undated picture from the Cache County Sheriff’s Office)


“According to him, he was so high on methamphetamines that I don’t think he had a good idea of where he was at and the exact location.  I think he remembered some parts of it,” says Orem Police Lieutenant Trent Colledge.

Therefore, the information Poulson gave investigators was extremely vague.

“[He said] he was on a main road, took a turn on a dirt road, he drove up ‘a ways’ and found a tree,” according to Colledge

Once they arrived in the area Poulson believed was the correct one, Juab County Sheriff’s Deputies noticed an indented plot of dirt.  Colledge believes it was something most people would have missed.

“Because of their training and their previous experience, that’s something they would recognize,” he says.

Technically, the medical examiner still has to look over dental records and perform more DNA tests, but, all signs point to the bodies being those of the mother and son.

“Preliminarily, they’re saying, ‘Yep, we believe it’s them.  It’s Emily, for sure.’”

Court records show Poulson severely injured Gabriel and found him dead the next day.  In a panic, he reportedly admitted he shot Quijano Almiron.