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New drop boxes in Riverton aim to fight the opioid crisis

Examples of NarcX were on display during the announcement of Riverton's new anti-opioid campaign. The non-toxic substance instantly destroys opioids and is safe enough to throw in the trash. Photo: Kelli Pierce

RIVERTON – Drop boxes will be installed at police and fire stations in Riverton, as well as at some government buildings. It’s all in an effort to fight Utah’s opioid crisis.

The drop boxes will be filled with NarcX, a non-toxic substance that instantly destroys opioids.

Mayor Trent Staggs says they were looking for a safe way to get these medications out of homes and away from children when the maker of NarcX approached them.

Staggs feels these drop boxes are a safer alternative.

“Once they go in, they can’t be taken out. Instead of having to stockpile medications and take them to be incinerated somewhere, they’re actually destroyed on site. Law enforcement can [then] just put it in the garbage,” Staggs says.

The first-of-its-kind program is a partnership between the city, the Utah Attorney General’s Office, and Intermountain Healthcare, who will be handing out individual NarcX disposal bottles to patients.

Riverton will also be spending about $2,000 on the program.

850 deaths in Salt Lake County alone over the past two years have been linked to opioids.