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Vandals cause major damage to Provo Pioneer Village

Vandals have caused $1,500 to Provo's Pioneer Village. It's the second time the property has been vandalized in a week. Photo: Provo Pioneer Village Facebook page

PROVO – Vandals have hit Provo Pioneer Village for the second time in a week, and volunteers do not know how they will be able to pay for the restoration.

Earlier in the week, someone threw fluorescent pink paint on the oxen statues and other areas. It was able to be easily washed off.

But Village Director Stevens Nelson says the damage vandals caused on Thursday will cost at least $1,500 to fix.

“The windows in one of the cabins were broken out entirely. The windows in our store were broken out entirely, and then they had apparently reached through the windows and taken some of our gifts from the gift shop,” Stevens said.

Provo Pioneer Village on 500 West has historic homes and several artifacts. It is run entirely by volunteers, which is why there is not enough money on hand to pay for everything to be fixed.

The Village put photos of the damage on their Facebook page to try and get some leads, since there are no photos or videos of the suspects.