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Tooele Valley Temple location announced

Courtesy Church Newsroom

ERDA, Utah — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced the location of for a temple the church in the Tooele Valley.

Church leaders announced on Wednesday the temple will sit on a lot located on the northwest intersection of Erda Way and Highway 36 in in the small Utah town of Erda.

Designs for the planned 70,000 square foot three-story temple are still under development and will be made public later.

There is no groundbreaking date set yet.

Utah currently has 17 operating temples for church members. In addition to the Tooele Valley temple, the church has also announced temples in Layton, Saratoga springs and Washington County which would bring the number of temples in Utah to 21.

The faith currently hasĀ 209 total Temples either dedicated or in various stages of construction or planning around the world. Church leaders say that its members consider temples to be “the house of the Lord,” and the most sacred places on earth.