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Utah County man gets sentence for 2015 double murder

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PROVO – The man who admitted to shooting and killing his girlfriend and her son in their Orem home in 2015 learns his sentence.  Some of the victim’s family members say even a possible life sentence isn’t enough.

Christopher Poulson was sentenced to at least 16 years to life for killing Emily Quijano and her son, three-year-old Gabriel Almiron.  He confessed to killing the boy first, then killing Quijano in a panic.

Quijano’s step-mother said it was heartbreaking to hear what happened to the victims.  Diana Quijano called it a punch in the gut.

“We knew that he dumped them, and just to hear that he was just standing over where he just created a hole and left their bodies and flicked a cigarette… that’s the final insult,” she says.

However, Quijano’s father, Jesse, believes Poulson is still not telling them everything they want to know.

He says, “If he could be honest with us and tell us the whole story of what he did, exactly, and what happened, then maybe forgiveness is a little closer.”

Quijano says he has been in a mental prison ever since his daughter and grandson disappeared in 2015, which he’ll never be released from.  He says Gabriel and Emily were beautiful and he misses them terribly every day.

“I’ll just have to live with it and try and deal with it which, right now, sounds impossible,” Quijano says.

He says he just wishes Poulson was out of his life, forever.

“I had hoped that maybe the death sentence would be on the table, but it wasn’t,” he says.

Poulson agreed to show investigators where he left the bodies of his victims, but, those remains have not been recovered.