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wendover storm
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Incoming storm forces Wendover Air Show to cancel

A long-running air show had to cancel for Saturday out in Wendover, because of a weekend storm moving in at the end of September.

The Wendover Air Show is canceling for the first time in 19 years. Organizers say the pilots don’t feel safe taking their historic planes up in the air on Saturday.

“These old vintage warbirds have to fly in visual weather, they can’t fly instruments. So from a safety standpoint, we support them not coming. we did not want to have any problems,” said Jim Peterson, the president of the non-profit museum foundation, Historic Wendover Airfield.

The museum and some exhibits will still be open this weekend — rain, snow or shine.

Peterson says it will likely take the next two weeks or so to issue refunds to those who purchased tickets in advance.

The area usually has great weather, Peterson said, even if it is rainy or snowy on the Wasatch Front. That’s how it became a training area and base.