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Springville mother charged with child abuse for pitbull attack

SPRINGVILLE, Utah — A woman has been charged with child abuse for letting her pitbull bite children, including her own daughter.

And it wasn’t the first time the 8-year-old girl had been bitten.

Charging documents say last June, the girl was severely injured by her mother’s pitbull. She had to get 27 stitches on her cheek, chin and around her eye, and she has scarring and permanent damage to her tear ducts.

Police say it was at least the second time the dog bit the girl on the face. Charges say her mother, Kayla Price, 26, insisted on bringing the pitbull back into her home, even though the dog had also bitten other children in the past.

Price is charged with child abuse, a third-degree felony, and allowing a vicious animal to go at large, a class B misdemeanor.