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Funerals begin Thursday for victims of Mexico murders

Photo Dan Rascon | KSLNewsRadio

LA MORRA, Mexico — Funerals begin Thursday for the nine women and children murdered in a cartel ambush this week in northern Mexico.

A heavy military presence is now surrounding the town of La Mora. Hundreds of mourners who have been traveling from several states, including Utah, have received a military escort from Mexican soldiers as they made the 4 hour trip over windy, dusty roads.

KSL TV’s Dan Rascon is there.

He reports that theĀ once quiet, peaceful town of about 800 people now looks very different now than it did before. Police and military officers are everywhere with rifles and machine guns drawn.

But while this intense military presence does appear to bring safety… many say their home of many years now no longer feels safe.

“It’s like our homes are being taken away as well, not just our family,” Heather Miller told KSL TV.

One of those that survived the attack was 9-year-old Kenzie Langford who was released from a hospital Wednesday. Family say the others are recovering well, but many still have upcoming surgeries.

Steven Langford, a former La Mora mayor, also a relative of the victims, told the Associated Press that many people who moved to the area will likely end up leaving because of the violence.

“There’s no logical reason behind this, other than the fact that they are just terrorist organizations,” Max LaBaron told CBS News in Sonora.