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Man fires gun outside fitness center, reportedly high on meth

A shooting at a Murray gun range over the weekend has been ruled accidental. (PHOTO: Adobe Stock)

STANSBURY – The Tooele County Sheriff’s Office has a strange shooting case on their hands.  They have a man in jail who reportedly pointed a gun at someone outside of a fitness center, and “bad meth” may have been a factor.

Police were called just before 5 a.m. to the Anytime Fitness in Stansbury after people reported they heard gunfire.  Some of the customers went back to the alley to look into what happened.  When they did this, they reportedly found a man on the ground.

Tooele County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Travis Scharmann says “They rolled him over to see if he was OK, and then the guy pointed a gun at him.”

Another bystander took the gun away from suspect, Lance Milner, and held Milner at gunpoint until officers arrived.  Scharmann says an off-duty sheriff’s deputy was working out inside the gym.

Outside the building, officers found bullet casings, one live round and a full magazine near where the shots were fired.  A booking affidavit says Milner had a 9mm Ruger handgun, two knives and was wearing a tactical AR-15 sling around his chest.

Scharmann says, “We don’t know if he was shooting in the air or what he was shooting at, but, nothing was hit, that we can find.”

The affidavit also says Milner was talking about “unrealistic things,” and claimed a woman popped out of his back seat while he was driving.

“He claimed he was being chased by somebody, but we found no evidence to believe anyone else was involved,” Scharmann says.

While speaking with police, Milner reportedly admitted he “may have taken some bad methamphetamine.”  He was booked on aggravated assault, two counts of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.