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The original Gerber Baby just turned 93

Gerber Baby Ann Turner Cook stands in front of the Gerber Baby logo. (Photo Gerber)

SALT LAKE CITY — Ann Turner Cook has a face you’ve definitely seen before, even if you didn’t know it was her. Cook, now 93, is the original Gerber Baby.

Way back in 1928, the baby food company was looking for a face to represent their brand, which is when the now-famous sketch of Cook’s baby face made the cut.

According to Gerber, Cook’s neighbor Dorothy Hope Smith was the artist that captured the bright-eyed baby. Smith submitted the sketch of her neighbor’s new baby she described as, “a tousle-haired, bright-eyed cherub of a baby with endearing pursed lips.”

The judges of the competition fell in love with the sketch and it was adopted as the official trademark of Gerber in 1931.

The identity of the baby was kept a secret until 1978 when it was revealed to be Ann Turner Cook.

In the 91 years since she became the face of the popular baby food brand, Cook taught English in Tampa, Florida, and after retiring went on to become a mystery novelist.

Last year, Cook met with the newest Gerber Baby, Lucas Warren, who made history for being the first child with Down syndrome to hold that position.

Ann Turner Cook meets with new Gerber Baby Lucas Warren in June 2018. Photo (Gerber)