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inland port protest
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Inland Port protesters appear in court

Photo: Katie McKellar, Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah —┬áTen people charged in the inland port protest stood before a judge Tuesday.

The protesters were in Third District Court after being charged with starting a riot at the Salt Lake Chamber offices this summer.

Each individual faces a rioting charge and nine of them have a third-degree felony count attached to it. Nine of the protesters also have been charged with criminal trespass, which is a class B misdemeanor.

The individuals facing charges include:

  • Richard Anderson Jr., 31, of Salt Lake City
  • Joshua Macrae Baker-Cooper, 34, of Salt Lake City
  • Kaden Fralick, 21, of Salt Lake City
  • Nicholas Jones, 30, of Salt Lake City
  • Amy Kovac, 28, of Salt Lake City
  • Randy Navarette, 20, of Magna
  • Rosemarie Obrien, 25, of Oskaloosa, Kansas
  • Ethan Petersen, 25, of Salt Lake City
  • Jason Richman, 18, of West Jordan
  • Hannah Zivolich, 24, Mexican Hat

At today’s court appearance, the defendants were informed of their charges and appointed a judge. They will be back in court on February 7 for a preliminary hearing.

One of the protesters, Kaden Fralick, provided a statement following the appearance.

“The inland port harms our community,” she says. “These charges need to be dropped now.”

According to her, speaking on behalf of the group, the charges they face are unjustly severe.

“These charges are a blatant act of political oppression,” says Fralick.

In addition to the ten protesters that appeared today, there are four other individuals being charged by the Salt Lake City prosecutor’s office, according to Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill.

“We have a First Amendment right that is a constitutionally-protected right,” Gill said. “I have participated and exercised that right as a citizen myself. But we cross that line when our First Amendment right starts to engage in violation of criminal law or criminal behavior.”