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Cottonwood Heights police looking for erratic driver

Police in Cottonwood Heights say this vehicle is suspected of being involved in a hit and run rollover that injured five people. (Photo credit: Cottonwood Heights police)

SALT LAKE CITY — Five people received minor injuries Saturday afternoon because of the actions of an erratic driver.

Cottonwood Heights police tweeted that they needed help finding a black pickup truck which they said was involved in a two-car rollover hit and run accident on Wasatch Boulevard just past Fort Union.

“We got a report of a reckless black GMC pickup truck driving recklessly, coming down Big Cottonwood Canyon,” said Cottonwood Heights police detective Nick Garcia.

“It was cutting vehicles off, and then it sideswiped two vehicles on Wasatch Boulevard, causing both those vehicles to go off the road and roll over,” Garcia said.

Police say they don’t have information about the person driving the pickup truck.

Anybody with information is urged to contact Cottonwood Heights police.