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Police describe possible abduction attempt in Riverton

(Boy seen on the far left after picking up rocks to throw. Nest video courtesy of Riverton Police)

RIVERTON – Police are telling parents to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and to keep close watch over their kids.  This comes after a boy claims two strangers tried to lure him into their car.

It reportedly happened on the 19th of this month, and investigators say the boy was walking home from basketball practice.  That’s when two men in a white car reportedly approached him and tried to speak with him.

“They rolled their window down and said, ‘Hi.  What’s up?’  He ignored them,” according to Riverton Police Chief Don Hutson.

Investigators say the boy didn’t have to go far to reach his home.  However, Hutson says when he got there, he found out the door was locked.  Doorbell video shows the car backed up toward the boy, but he did what he could to protect himself.

Hutson says, “So, he runs out and grabs a few rocks from in front of their porch.  He screams at the car and throws the rocks at the car.”

The boy then reportedly ran to a neighbor’s home for safety.  Hutson says that woman also didn’t recognize the car.  Plus, the two men didn’t seem to be in any hurry to get away.

“They just hung out in the area, even after he was screaming, yelling and clearly went to another home,” Hutson says, adding “She also goes outside and looks at the car.  It’s still just sitting on the side of the road.”

The two men left before anyone could get a license plate number.  Hutson says they’re still trying to figure out what exactly said to the boy after they approached him.