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More jobs but fewer workers, new analysis shows

Of the 150,000 new unemployment filings since March, 100,000 are still actively looking for a job(Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — An analysis by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shows that while there are more jobs available in the U.S., there are fewer people applying. The study found that for every four open job positions in Utah, there are fewer than three available workers.

This makes it the fifth lowest ratio of jobs seekers to open positions in the nation.

Lecia Langston, senior economist for the Utah Department of Workforce Services, said employers need to start getting creative to attract workers.

“We have lots of folks out there who just aren’t looking for work right now,” Langston said.

She said improved benefits and more schedule flexibility could help make job openings look more attractive. Langston added that a lot of employers are now reaching out to non-traditional members of the workforce.

“Making your schedule work for stay-at-home parents or seniors who want to work, but don’t want to work full-time,” she said.

This follows a national trend, as there are roughly one million more job openings then people looking for work across the country.