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Ben McAdams endorses Mike Bloomberg for president

Democrat Unseating the only Democrat representing Utah in Congress will be a challenge -- but first, Republicans in Utah's 4th Congressional District will have to choose their candidate. (FILE PHOTO DESERET NEWS)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Rep. Ben McAdams announced he endorses Mayor Mike Bloomberg as the Democratic presidential nominee Friday, nodding toward Bloomberg’s “collaborative approach” to addressing issues.

“Washington is full of people who talk, and our country is desperately in need of a doer like Mike who puts people ahead of politics,”said Congressman Ben McAdams, in a statement from Bloomberg’s campaign. “Mike is someone who will listen, do what’s right, and work across party lines to get things done.”

McAdams said he endorses Bloomberg because he is the best option to achieve “fiscal responsibility” in Washington that will help to address issues such as quality health care.

“As Mayor, he brought people from all corners of the world together to solve big problems and I am confident he will do the same as president,” McAdams said.

Bloomberg pointed toward McAdams’ experience as a mayor, saying he is a representative who can understand his need to get things done.

“In Utah and in Congress, he’s led on the issues critical to this election,” said Bloomberg in his campaign’s statement. “Taking action to create jobs, improve education, and expand access to affordable health care for every American. I’m looking forward to working with him to bring people together and rebuild America.”


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