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airport crash
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Fatal rollover near Salt Lake airport

Photo John Wojcik

SALT LAKE CITY — One person is dead and multiple people are injured in a fatal rollover accident involving two cars near the airport early Tuesday morning.


Captian Tony Stowe with Salt Lake City Fire tells KSL that a multi-passenger vehicle rolled with 11 people on board.

One dead, multiple injured in fatal rollover

Multiple agencies responded to the scene. In addition to the one fatality, first responders are transporting at least seven others to the hospital.

The accident was first called in around 6:15 Tuesday morning. Sergeant Keith Horrocks with Salt Lake Police explains what first responders found upon arrival.

“Several people inside a passenger van that had to be extricated,” he explains. “There were two vehicles involved. One of those occupants [of the van] was a fatality in that accident.”

Sergeant Horrocks says the individual that died was not driving the van, but rather was one of the passengers.

The other vehicle involved was only occupied by the driver. That individual did not require to go to the hospital.

The occupants of the multi-passenger van are all male and work for a construction company.

“They were some construction workers that, I think, were going either back to the job or back to where they were staying,” explains Sergeant Horrocks.

The logo on the van and vests of workers is “EWS.”

Police say nobody was ejected from the van and they have no information regarding whether or not the occupants were wearing safety belts.

What’s next?

Police say the crash is impacting traffic in the area.

Additionally, an investigation into what caused the accident has already started. At this time, police still don’t know which vehicle was at fault or if speed played a factor.