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Utahns hit the polls for Super Tuesday

Votes are still being counted to know the results after the close of Super Tuesday. With over 1/3 of the delegates needed to become party nominee, voters showed up to cast their ballot.

SALT LAKE CITY – Utahns across the state are jamming polling places to take part in the state’s first-ever Super Tuesday.

Although many Utahns vote by mail, hundreds have also showed up to polling stations to cast their ballot.

Utah allows people to register to vote on Election Day, and Amanda Griffin, a poll worker at the Salt Lake County Government Center, says many took advantage of that.

“A lot of people who have moved [are re-registering]. They have to [live] in Salt Lake County to vote here,” Griffin says.

Griffin has seen many retirees, middle-aged people, and even millennials show up to vote.

She also reminded people to make sure they are in line on time to make their vote count.

“We do close the polls at 8:00p.m. So, they have to be in line at 8 o’clock if they want to vote,” Griffin says.