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Utah jobs doing well

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SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s economy is doing well according to the latest jobs report.

Joining Utah’s Morning News on Wednesday to discuss the January jobs report,  Nate McDonald from Utah’s Department of Workforce Services says there have been a few little changes but that Utah is in a good spot and that wages are growing.


“We did see some slight changes from the previous month in December. We saw our unemployment rate tick up slightly to 2.5% and our job growth slow to 2.9%. But these are still very strong  numbers, we’re not seeing a trend of anything dip so we’re not worried at all.”

McDonald’s says that the fastest growing industries in Utah are Leasure and Hospitality which isn’t a surprise for the winter recreation months of January. The second fastest-growing industry is in construction which McDonald says shows that there is still a lot of good growth across the state.

“We still hold on to the fact that we are a very diverse economy in the state of Utah. We still have health services jobs which is one of our largest and fastest-growing. We’re still seeing strong numbers in Information Technology and Manufacturing. We’re very comfortable and confident that we’ll have a strong economy.”


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