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Shelter puppies play in closed aquarium

Screenshot: Georgia Aquarium YouTube

The Georgia Aquarium has been closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they did hold a special field trip for some lucky visitors — some extra good pups from the Atlanta Humane Society.

Odie and Carmel’s trip to the marine exhibit was all captured in a video shared by the Georgia Aquarium.

“Our puppies just had the best. day. ever.” the Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

“They got to explore the Georgia Aquarium while it is closed to the public. They made all sorts of exciting discoveries and lots of new friends!”

The Georgia Aquarium hasn’t been the only place to take other animals on a tour of its exhibits while the humans are away.

Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium has been sharing videos of their penguins meeting new friends as they stroll the hallways of their Aquarium.


Both aquariums shut down earlier this month due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are 1,525 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 48 deaths across Georgia, and 2,538 confirmed cases in Illinois and 26 deaths in their state according to their health departments.