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How to Listen to KSL NewsRadio at Home

This spring, things are different. Chances are KSL NewsRadio hosts Tim and Amanda no longer greet you in your car each morning as traffic-reporter Rikki Meece navigates your way to work. Lunchtime banter with Dave & Dujanovic seems miles away, and your afternoon Minute of News with Jeff Caplan might seem like a distant memory.

Listening to the radio in the car just isn’t plausible if you’re not going anywhere. Routines have been disrupted, and things that were once normal feel like ancient history. Fortunately there are many ways to listen that don’t include the car, so you can stay up to date with local news and in touch with your KSL friends.

How to Listen

KSL Newsradio App 

Downloading the app is quick, easy, and free. You can stream live radio, podcasts, or traffic updates.  Browse written articles from KSL reporters and get your daily weather forecast. Plug in your headphones, and you’re set for hands-free listening.

Website Live stream 

If you don’t want another app on your phone, try listening with the KSL NewsRadio website. Ever wonder what our studio looks like? We have a live stream video where you can see the hosts in real time using the equipment and making broadcast magic. Or if listening is more your speed, we have an audio only player where you simply push play.

Smart Home Devices

Do you sometimes feel outsmarted by your Alexa Smart Device? Have no fear – we’re here to help! It’s dead simple to connect with KSL NewsRadio content straight out-of-the-box.

Once you get your dot plugged in and hooked to WiFi, simply say “Alexa, play KSL NewsRadio.” It’s that easy! Your Echo will immediately join the KSL Newsradio (102.7 FM and 1160 AM) live stream in progress, providing you the latest on breaking news, traffic and weather conditions. Pro tip: This works on a Google device too!

Perhaps you’d like to take it a step further… Amazon offers what they call a “flash briefing,” giving you a quick update from the news sources of your choice. To make sure you’re getting the latest from KSL, download the Amazon Alexa companion app for your iPhone or Android device. Once downloaded, launch the app and click on “settings.” From there, click on “Flash Briefing” and search “KSL.” You’ll see options for the latest KSL Newsradio news, traffic, weather and more. Once you’ve selected KSL as your news source(s), access it anytime by saying “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?”

It doesn’t stop there! In the Alexa app, you can set up a “routine” and have your Echo wake you up to the news each morning. Or you can even listen to many of KSL NewsRadio’s podcasts simply by asking for them. Try “Alexa, listen to Cold Podcast” and see what happens. By saying “Alexa, play Jeff Caplan’s My Minute of News Podcast,” your echo will launch the latest episode of this fan-favorite segment.

Whatever way you choose to listen, KSL NewsRadio can fit into your new routine and is committed to provide you with news that matters.