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Aston Martin estimated to be traveling over 100 mph meets fatal end
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Update: Aston Martin estimated to be traveling over 100 mph meets fatal end

(Photo: UHP)

SOUTH SALT LAKE — A fatal crash involving a white Aston Martin traveling at a high rate of speed closed down SR-201 eastbound for over three hours.

It was reported that the Aston Martin was swerving through traffic Eastbound near 800 West at 12:02 PM Saturday.

Around this time the front driver’s side of the car reportedly caught the rear passenger side of a semitrailer.

The Aston Martin then lost control and slammed into the right shoulder concrete barrier hitting another passenger car after it rebounded back into traffic.

In a statement to KSL NewsRadio, UHP Corporal Colton Freckleton said,” The driver’s seat belt was clipped in, but the seat belt broke as he made that last impact.”

The vehicle sustained heavy damage having the driver’s side door torn off along with the roof of the vehicle.

(Updated information)

The driver of the Aston Martin was ejected from his vehicle and found dead at the scene. He has since been identified as 25-year-old Dillon Ashey from Orem.

Though the speed limit in the area near the location is 65 mph, multiple witnesses estimated that the vehicle was going over 100 mph.


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