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The Nightside Project is Back!

After nearly four years of absence, The Nightside Project is back on KSL NewsRadio for a limited spring season. Hosts Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry made the announcement Wednesday on “Utah’s Morning News.” Since leaving the air in 2016, the Nightside project has continued off-air as one of KSL’s top performing podcasts. “We have such great memories of interactions with the listeners, being live on the air, and that was something that was so special,” said Millard.  “And so we’re looking forward to having that back, even if it’s just for a couple of months.”

The show will air weekdays, starting Wednesday, April 15th, from 6-8 PM. Jeff Caplan’s Afternoon News will now wrap at 6 PM, and KSL’s nightly sports show “KSL’s Unrivaled” will continue to air weekdays from 8-9 PM.

A lighter take on the news of the day, Nightside will certainly talk about the biggest stories of the day including the latest on the coronavirus and changes to Utah’s businesses and schools right now. They’ll also revisit Nightside Classics like News Wars, Seriously Thursday Night and Zen Headlines.

The show, which has long held the goal of helping people “end your commute happy,” will now pivot to help listeners end their day happy. During the pandemic, when death tolls seem ever present, KSL has seen that Utahns also have an increased appetite for good news. The Nightside Project will deliver just that.

“I just want people to relax and balance some of the negativity in the world for a couple of hours,” said host Alex Kirry. “That was what we built the show on originally and that won’t change with our limited edition of Nightside.”

In July, Jeff Caplan’s Afternoon News will return to its full 3-7 PM time slot, and KSL’s Unrivaled will talk about Utah’s biggest sports stories from 7-9 PM. Until then, you can find the show live every weekday from 6-8 PM on 102.7 FM,, on the KSL NewsRadio app, or by saying “Alexa (or Google), listen to KSL NewsRadio.” You can also listen on-demand on the KSL NewsRadio app.