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3rd times a charm? for re-rescheduled country concert

CEDAR CITY— Organizer Eric Moutsos hopes so.  He invoked the cliche a few times during a Facebook Live where he announced the show was on (again.) “There’s no more ‘Villes to go. Kaysville to Grantsville… politics, crush, crush.  [But] we do not quit in America,” Moutsos mused in the passenger seat of a truck announcing the show. 

With him, his wife and another man, the owner of the RV Park who has agreed to host the much-ballyhooed and canceled Colin Raye show.

The show is planned for June 13th at the Iron Springs Resort and RV Park, about 10 miles west of Cedar City. 

“Planned” being the operative word, as the two other times it ran afoul of city councils and health departments that pulled the plug, citing virus safety.  “We are going for the 3rd time’s a charm… we’ve seen the best and the worst in politics.” But this time, Moutsos says he’s got backing.

“What happens if a judge blocks this?  We have got all three [Iron] County commissioners on board, 2 from Washington County, the Iron County sheriff is on board,” Moutsos mentions, among some others.  “Colin Raye, IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.”

He says the show is free for all, including businesses.  Moutsos, who runs the Utah Business Revival Facebook Page, says if you get a booth, try and bring 15-20 people with you.  They are using the hashtag #UtahBackToWork . 

In a press statement, Iron County Commissioner Paul Cozzen is quoted as saying, “We are thrilled to announce that Iron County is open for business, please come support small business and enjoy Collin Raye.” For more info about the show go to

Also on the website is this blurb: “*Please be respectful to those who social distance at 7 feet. Feel free to wear PPE.”