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Fire under investigation in West Valley after SUV burns

Burned out car in West Valley City under investigation for possible arson. Photo Courtesy KSL-TV

WEST VALLEY CITY – Investigators are looking into an early morning fire in West Valley after an SUV burned. They are saying one possibility is arson. 

The details of the fire

KSL-TV learned the fire was in the area of 3920 West and 4320 South in West Valley. It started around 5 a.m. 

The SUV was not parked at the home of the owner, it had been loaned to a friend, and was in front of another residence. Police initially thought the vehicle was stolen until they tracked down the owner and learned they had previously loaned the SUV to a friend. Witnesses told firefighters they saw kids running away from the burning vehicle. 

“Any time we have a car that just shows up in somebody’s yard or residential area that is on fire, it can be considered suspicious,” said Bridger Williams, battalion chief for West Valley Fire Department. “Right now, we’re still under investigation – still trying to determine the exact cause.”

Investigators are investigating why the SUV ended up in front of a random house and why it caught fire. 

Another possible cause investigators are looking at is electrical issues.