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Can you change schools in Utah to get more in-class learning?


SALT LAKE CITY– Despite the rallies against some school districts reopening plans, there are some parents looking into getting more “in-class learning” for their children. And according to the Granite District spokesperson, it is possible to change schools and districts in Utah.

“This applies to any situation, not just COVID,” said spokesman Ben Horsley. “In the state of Utah, we have open enrollment laws that require a public school to take you, under certain conditions, if there is actual space and capacity within that [school].” 

Horsley says there is usually there is an open enrollment period that happens earlier in the year, but that was pre-virus. 

“So as long as there is space, what they’ll do is put you on a waiting list and determine if there is capacity,” Horsley said.

He added, Granite has already been permitting students into their schools in the “course of normal business.”

Granite is offering two choices for students:  five day a week in-person learning, or online-only.  There is no hybrid option.  

Interestingly, the number of students that will be physically learning in  schools across the Granite District this fall doesn’t determine their ‘capacity.’ 

Horsley says they are considering “distance learning students as part of the overall population of the school itself… the reality is at some point in time they could all be coming back into the building and we need to be able to provide.”

He also says the allocation of teachers are based on those numbers. 

“It would be inappropriate to not consider [remote] learners as part of that… population,” Horsley said. 

So, the number of available spots at Granite schools won’t go down based on the number of students who decide to go with on the online-only option. 

Horsley says there is no technical deadline to apply to a Utah public school.  He says all you need to do is contact the school you are interested in and start the process.