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missing six-year-old amber alert
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UPDATED: Missing 6-year old found, mother in custody

Photo of missing child Terran Butler provided by the Unified Police Department.

UPDATE: Six-year-old Terran Butler has been located in Coos Bay, Oregon, officials confirmed Thursday. His mother, Emily Jolley, is now in custody. 

The Unified Police Department said the investigation is ongoing, so other details are not immediately available. 




Police say 6 y/o Terran Butler and his mother have been spotted in Roseburg, Oregon and are asking for help locating them.

Sgt. Melody Cutler with Unified Police said they believe the boy’s mother, Emily Jolley, is now with another woman named Bonnie Jackson, who authorities are also looking for. Police say all three may be traveling in a blue 2015 Honda Civic with Utah plate 371 WW towards the small coastal town of Yachats.

Cutler said police have been in contact with authorities in Oregon and the FBI.

“We’re asking anyone in Oregon, up in that area, please be on the lookout for these three,” Cutler said.

MILLCREEK, Utah — The Unified Police Department issued an Amber Alert, asking for your help locating a missing six-year-old from the Millcreek area. 

Terran Alexander Butler was last seen wearing black gym shorts, hiking boots, and a green t-shirt with blue sleeves. Police say he has blonde hair and brown eyes. He is described as standing about 4’0″ and weighing around 40 pounds. 

According to police, Terran was taken without permission and may be in the company of Emily Jolley, his non-custodial mother. Police say Jolley is 5’8″, weighing 140 pounds, and was driving a blue 2008 Toyota Prius with the license plate E84 7GT. 

Photo: Unified Police Department

Photo: Unified Police Department

Over the weekend, the Unified Police Department asked for help locating Terran, describing him as missing and endangered. At the time, police said Terran’s father had dropped him off to visit his mother, Jolley, but when he went back to pick the boy up, the six-year-old was missing. 

At the time of the disappearance, investigators didn’t have reason to believe Terran was in imminent danger.  However, Unified Police Sergeant Melody Cutler says they received new information Monday morning that changed everything.

Cutler says, “We believe that the child could very well possibly be in danger.”

The boy’s father called police at that point, but police say when they showed up at his grandmother’s home, she refused to cooperate. They eventually served a search warrant, but could not find Terran. 

“When we went out to the grandma’s house to try and make contact with them, that’s when we had issues with the grandmother who was not providing any information on what was going on,” Culter says.

Police arrested the grandmother, Larain Jolley, booking her into jail on suspicion of impeding a criminal investigation. 

Investigators believe Emily Jolley may be headed toward Washington state, where she has family. 

The boy’s father speaks out

Terran’s father, Timothy Butler, told KSL TV he believes Jolley has been planning this for a while.   Butler claims he felt something was off when he left his son for the visit.

“He has these little stuffed rat animal he got from IKEA that he just adores.  He takes them everywhere, the three of them.  She was adamant that he bring those.  It’s kind of his safety blanket,” Butler says.  “So, I had a feeling it was something strange.”

When he came to pick Terran up, he says it was obvious something was wrong because Jolley’s phone had been turned off since Friday.  He knows that because he tried to send Jolley pictures of a recent fishing trip.

“Terran wanted me to send the pictures of him fishing to his mom.  I sent them over on WhatsApp, and I noticed she never viewed the pictures,” he says.

Butler claims neighbors saw moving vans in front of the Millcreek home not long before he dropped off his son for the visit.  He also says all of Jolley’s belonging have been moved out. 

“I don’t think Terran is completely safe.  In the least, he’s being manipulated.  He’s being lied to.  He’s subject to more emotional trauma,” Butler says.

Butler says he and Jolley had joint custody of Terran until his teachers started noticing problems and reported them to DCFS.  Butler claims Jolley’s behavior become more erratic and there were concerns of emotional abuse.  Butler was granted sole custody after that.

“This is somebody who’s highly unstable, and we don’t know what could happen,” Timothy Butler said about Jolley. “I’ve been the custodial parent and just been responsible for keeping him safe and creating a stable environment for him.”

Anyone who may have information that can help locate the missing six-year-old should call police at 801-840-4000 or dial 911.  Unified Police also want to talk with anyone who may have seen Terran and his mother at any point last weekend.

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