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Cops looking for woman after she allegedly uses a taser on 9-year-old boy

A registered sex offender has been arrested in Cache County thanks to the help of a teenage girl he tried to entice. (PHOTO: Courtesy of Getty Images)

RIVERTON, Utah — Riverton Police say the search continues for a woman who’s accused of attacking a 9-year-old boy with a taser. 

9-year-old boy notices something wrong

The alleged assault happened Friday afternoon around 1 PM near 12900 South and 2700 West when a boy was riding his scooter with a friend in a local church parking lot. At some point, the boy noticed a woman inside her car taking pictures of them.
“My son is not shy, so he walked up to the car and said, ‘What are you doing, why are you taking pictures?’” explains the boy’s mother, Kelly Wright-Green.
At that time, the woman started using vulgar language and pulled out a hand-held taser.
“They started walking away,” says Wright-Green. “She got out of her car, went up behind him, and grabbed him and tased him in his chest.”

“She is still out there”

Cops say she quickly pulled out of the parking lot and surveillance video wasn’t able to identify her license plate number. The boy’s mother says he’s recovering, although the assault left marks on his chest.

“He’s scared,” Wright-Green tells the Deseret News. “She is still out there, and my children are not safe. … There is a psychopath tasing little children and it’s not OK.”

Riverton police think the woman is roughly 50 years old with dark complexion, “possibly Hispanic” and is missing a tooth from the front right side of her mouth. Police say she was wearing a purple dress with a floral design at the time of the assault.

Surveillance video shows a “brownish-grey passenger car” driving away with “an older appearance” and “a University of Utah decal sticker on the back window toward the top.”

Riverton police are asking anyone with information to call 801-840-4000.