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Several dead swans were found overnight in Bountiful, Woods Cross, Parley's Canyon
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Update: More birds found dead after Friday night storm

Some dead swans, and some injured ones, were found overnight in Bountiful and Woods Cross. Authorities say one was found as far away as Parley's Canyon. No cause of death is known pending an investigation. Photo courtesy of Chris Green.

SALT LAKE CITY —  It is looking more and more like bad weather from Friday night may be responsible for the deaths and injuries of several birds, including some swans.  And now it appears birds from other species are suffering a similar fate.   

Late Sunday afternoon, wildlife authorities reported three Pine Siskins, an American Goldfinch, a western Grebe and a Clark’s Grebe, as well as an American Tree sparrow, have also been found.  This comes after several dead swans were found overnight Friday in Bountiful, Woods Cross and Parley’s Canyon.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources spokesman Mark Hadley said the dead birds are being sent to a lab to find out exactly how they died.  The injured ones are likely headed to a wildlife rehabilitation center in Ogden. 

Hadley said one of the injured birds was taken to Hogle Zoo.

Hadley said there is still no exact known cause of death, but he doesn’t believe foul play was involved.

“They don’t appear like they’ve been shot, like dealing with a poaching incident, or anything like that.  We don’t know if we’re dealing with a weather related event, in fact we won’t know for sure until we’re able to take the dead birds to let the lab look at them,” Hadley said 

Several residents reported seeing the dead and injured swans early Saturday morning.  At least one resident heard bird calls from the swans circling their house all night. 



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