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Live Mic: Hey mister, the PTA wants more men like you

University of Utah head football coach Kyle Whittingham. (Utah PTA)

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah PTA wants more men to join its cause in championing children’s education.

Jason Nackos, Utah PTA Male Engagement specialist, joined Lee Lonsberry on Live Mic to discuss why the organization wants to recruit more men. 

“Not everyone has a dad in the house. But when men get more engaged in children’s education, their grades and test scores improve. When they’re not, they struggle a lot more in school,” Nackos said.

He said the coronavirus pandemic makes it more difficult to bring students together in classrooms. 

“Not as many people signed up this year,” he said.

Utah PTA hoping for new members during challenging year

Every legislative session in Utah, the PTA pushes for bills that help students and fights against those that do not, Nackos said.

He said that he was blessed to stay home with his kids for the last 18 years. 

“I was sort of a passive [PTA] member before, but once my kids were all in school, I jumped in with both feet. I look at it as an opportunity to embarrass and engage my kids at the school,” Nackos said.

PTA dads

During the pandemic, he said the PTA is urging dads to get more engaged in their child’s homework if the student is learning remotely.

“We would like to build momentum for next year when we’re back in regular school,” he said. 

Nackos said he is asking dads to volunteer one day during the school year, whether that’s during a field trip or in the classroom.

“You would be amazed how it affects the other kids in the class, especially those who maybe don’t have a strong male influence in their home,” he said. “You take a day in the morning to go golfing. Take a day to help at your kid’s school.”

At Mapleton Elementary in Utah County, Nackos’s home school, he said men make up about one-third of the PTA.

“Women certainly dominate, and they do a fantastic job,” he said.

Nackos said if you are interested in getting involved, find out more at 

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