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how to care for pothos
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Taun Beddes explains how to care for Pothos on KSL Greenhouse

In this part of The KSL Greenhouse Show’s Houseplant series, Taun Beddes discusses how to care for Pothos. 

What is Pothos? 

Pothos is a very common houseplant that is related to philodendron. This houseplant is among those plants that with thrive without much attention. Pothos plants go by a variety of names including Devil’s Ivy and Scindapsus aureus.

How to care for Pothos:

  • Pothos can tolerate low light for long durations 
  • prefers to be grown around temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees 
  • tolerates average amounts of water 
  • can die easily with over watering 
  • prefers fertilizer during the summer 
  • resistant to pests and diseases 
  • moderately toxic so keep out of reach of children and pets

Learn more about Pothos in the video below! 

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