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Sen. Romney relief stimulus, Senator Romney explains his decision not to support Rep. Haaland's confirmation
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Romney joins 10 GOP senators to propose alternative COVID-19 relief

File: Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT). Photo courtesy of Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — Ten Republican Senators including Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) have penned a letter to President Biden in which they proposed an alternative COVID-19 relief plan.  

Sen. Romney (R-UT) along with Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), among others, said their proposed alternative COVID-19 relief plan can help the president garner bipartisan support.

“In the spirit of bipartisanship and unity, we have developed a COVID-19 relief framework that builds on prior COVID assistance laws, all of which passed with bipartisan support,” the senators wrote in their letter to President Biden.

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“Our proposal reflects many of your stated priorities, and with your support, we believe that this plan could be approved quickly by Congress with bipartisan support.”

On January 14, President Biden proposed spending $1.9 trillion in a coronavirus relief package he called “The American Rescue Plan.” As reported by the Associated Press, the proposal that Sen. Romney is backing spends about one-third of Mr. Biden’s plan.

Alternative COVID-19 relief specifics

The GOP plan would spend $160 billion for vaccines, testing, treatment, and personal protective equipment. And the Senators say that they would offer more targeted financial relief “to Americans with the greatest need” than Pres. Biden has proposed.

Mr. Biden’s proposal would issue $1,400 stimulus checks for most Americans with incomes of up to $300.00. A letter sent to Mr. Biden from the Senators indicates they would provide additional stimulus money” for those families who need assistance the most.”

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According to the letter sent to Mr. Biden, the Senators’ plan mirrors Mr. Biden’s by providing more help for small businesses, focusing on getting children back to school as well as offering money for child care.

The group of GOP senators has also requested a meeting with the president. 

“We request the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our proposal in greater detail and how we can work together to meet the needs of the American people during this persistent pandemic,” said the senators in a statement announcing the alternative COVID-19 plan.


How To Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus

COVID-19 coronavirus spreads person to person, similar to the common cold and the flu. So, to prevent it from spreading:

  • Wash hands frequently and thoroughly, with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds.
  • Don’t touch your face.
  • Wear a mask to protect yourself and others per CDC recommendations.
  • Keep children and those with compromised immune systems away from someone who is coughing or sneezing (in this instance, at least six feet).
  • If there is an outbreak near you, practice social distancing (stay at home, instead of going to the movies, sports events, or other activities).
  • Get a flu shot.

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