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A unique Utah school combines incredible adventure and world-class education: So what can you look forward to at Wasatch Academy this year?

This article about what you can look forward to in 2021 is sponsored by Wasatch Academy.

2021 is looking to be a great year for the Utah-based boarding school Wasatch Academy. Between unique experiences, amazing adventures, and a world-class educational program, There is so much to look forward to for the rest of 2021 at this central Utah school. Here are 5 things you can look forward to at Wasatch Academy in 2021.

1. 2021 Athletics

The athletics department at Wasatch Academy is one of the best college prep athletic programs in the country. Wasatch Academy has over 20 men’s and women’s varsity teams, and their basketball is top-ranked in both the state and the nation. That’s based on team results, tradition, and the quality of coaching staff. And student-athletes are regularly being pursued by the best university basketball institutions. 

Wasatch Academy offers soccer, tennis, equestrian, skateboarding, swimming, rock-climbing, and basketball. And they have access to the latest sports technology and gym equipment to develop athletes.

2. Outdoor Recreation

Zion National Park - Look Forward To

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Start the day with rock climbing, skiing, hiking, equestrian sports, or mountain biking, and end it with some incredible camping. Because Wasatch Academy is located right in the center of Utah, it’s right in the middle of adventure surrounded by Utah’s Mighty 5 National Parks. These national parks are the perfect learning experience for any student. That’s why Wasatch Academy offers National Park tours complete with an archeologist to further explain what students get to see.

3. Summer School

Summer School - Looking Forward To

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Learning doesn’t stop once the summer starts. That’s why Summer School is the perfect opportunity for students to return to campus and experience all the fun Wasatch has to offer. And while the term summer school might sound like a dirty word for students Wasatch’s summer academic programs let them engage with each other, the environment, and really cool adventures that stretch way beyond the classroom. And it even offers students opportunities for credit recovery from credits lost during the pandemic.

4. Service Projects

Service Projects - Looking Forward To

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Wasatch Academy students give back to their communities. Both locally and internationally. They coordinate environmental stewardship initiatives, contribute to global issues through real project-driven research, and they’ve even traveled abroad to develop underserved communities. That includes a trip they took to India to address challenges in sustainability. They also installed solar panels in Tanzania. And finally, at a state level, they even helped the Utah Food Bank and elementary schools with the National Honor Society.

5. A Safe School Year to Look Forward To!

Because of Wasatch Academy’s remote location in Mt. Pleasant, UT it’s been distanced from many of the effects of COVID-19. Plus, the on-site health clinic has acted as another line of defense. And because of all the precautions, their campus is one of the safest places in the nation. The boarding school live-in model allows for a much more complete education experience unlike nearly any other school in the state can provide. 

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