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Moab Valley Multicultural Center

In 2005, public school teacher Leticia (La-TISH-A) Bentley was being called on more and more to serve as an interpreter and advocate for Moab’s growing immigrant population. As the need for bilingual and multicultural education, advocacy, and crisis intervention grew, she recruited a core of dedicated volunteers who officially formed the Moab Valley Multicultural Center in 2007.

This center now has hundreds of volunteers that provide thousands of hours of direct service each year. They serve individuals, families, and organizations in Moab and the surrounding rural areas. They aim to provide a safe, welcoming, and culturally sensitive space where people can find concrete support in their time of need.

The provide crisis resources and advocacy, language and life skills support, cultural education, cultural enrichment, interpretation and translation services in Moab. In 2020, they served over 12,000 people, if you’d like to support the center or volunteer please visit

SelectHealth recognizes the celebration of cultures by the Moab Valley Multicultural Center as another example of how Utah Gives Back.