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Bike Helmets

It’s important to stay safe on a bike by always wearing your helmet. This can reduce your risk of head injury as much as 85 percent. There are a few things to note when properly fitting a helmet. First, make sure you get a helmet that has an ANSI or SNELL label to certify its safety. Second, it should be snug fitting on your head. Third, adjust the straps so it cannot be moved from side to side or back and forth. Fourth, there should only be about one finger’s width between the chin strap and your chin.

Wear a helmet no matter how slowly you are riding because a fall at any speed can cause a severe head injury. Stop and look both ways for cars before entering the street. Move WITH the flow of traffic and ride on the right-hand side of the street.

And remember, helmets aren’t just for riding bikes, wear it every time you lace up your roller blades, skates, skateboard, or scooter no matter your age!

SelectHealth recognizes proper safety adherence as another example of how Utah Gives Back.