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Bike share systems have a positive impact on cities and those who utilize the service. They provide an active transportation option to get to work, the coffee shop, or spin around the city with your friends, without needing to own a bike. GREENbike, the local non-profit bike share system located in the greater Salt Lake area and Ogden, is determined to make our city more dynamic, sustainable, and to get people outside and moving.

This flexible transportation option continues to reduce vehicle emissions, fuel consumption and increase health benefits. You can get from one place to another quicker than walking and sitting in traffic.

It is a zero-hassle, zero-emissions way to get around that helps bridge the gap of the first and last mile barrier when using public transportation. Join us this Saturday, June 26th for a FREE RIDE day using the code 2021. For more information, visit or visit any GREENbike station.

SelectHealth recognizes the active transportation solution provided by GREENbike as another example of how Utah Gives Back.