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Crisis counselors to help at school near Sandy triple-deadly shooting



SANDY — The last day of school at Brookwood Elementary in Sandy begins with mourning, a day after the shooting deaths of a woman and boy killed near the school.

Crisis and grief counselors are on hand to answer questions from students, who may have seen or heard something as they walked home from school.

Counselor Tori Gillett is one of the people who will be at the school today. She says it’s important for parents to watch their children.

“Are their behaviors different than normal? Are they asking questions? Do they look more anxious, look more upset, look on edge?” she said.

Counselors say these next few days are crucial to help kids deal with what is sure to have been a confusing and traumatic experience for them.

Even if children didn’t witness the shooting, counselors say the sound of police cars and adults pulling them inside homes and cars to get them away from the scene may be traumatic enough.