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Clerk’s office: Ballot mistake in Utah County will cost about 20,000 to fix

UTAH COUNTY — The county clerk’s office says they are still trying to figure out how republican ballots went out to 70 thousand unaffiliated voter’s mail boxes.

This ballot included a race that only republicans can vote in- a primary battle between three men who want to take former Congressman Jason Chaffetz’ spot in D.C.

“That’s why we’re going to explain to people, this is a ballot that has a race on there they’re not entitled to vote in,” said County Clerk, Bryan Thompson. “It’s very unfortunate in that it leads to potential voter confusion. That’s the last thing we want.”

He says they can program their ballot counters to ignore votes in that race from unaffiliated ballots. They will also send out notices to the 70 thousand voters. That fix is expected to cost the county about 20 thousand dollars.

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