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Teen sentenced for sexting with girlfriend

CACHE COUNTY – A case of sexting between an 18 year- old Logan man and his underage girlfriend leads to him being sentenced to jail time.

Prosecutors say Jacob Wilson was sentenced to 101 days in jail for criminal mischief and dealing in harmful materials to a minor.  Cache County Chief Prosecutor Spencer Walsh says the criminal mischief charge stemmed from Wilson shooting out roughly 20 windows with a friend.  The harmful materials charge stemmed from the images that were found on his computer.  Walsh says there were more than just a few.  “There were 30 pictures that were found on the laptop and there were several videos,” he says.

What’s even more concerning to Walsh was the fact that the images were on Wilson’s school issued laptop.  Walsh says, “Given the device [the images were] on, it had the potential to be viewed by other classmates.”

Prosecutors say they don’t have any indication the sexual images were shared or seen by any other students.  Former sex crimes prosecutor Greg Skordas say if the pictures had been shared, Wilson would be in a lot more trouble.  Skordas says, “Possession is a crime, but, distribution is a much more serious crime.  Had he sent these images to his friends or had he posted them on the internet, for example, it would have been a much more serious crime.”

Wilson was given credit for the 81 days in jail he had already served.