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Massive drug bust in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY – More than two dozen people are arrested in a major drug sting early this morning.  Investigators say some of the suspects were specifically targeting their drug sales around the Rio Grande area.

There were four search warrants executed this week, but the raid on Thursday morning was by far the biggest.  Utah Highway Patrol Sergeant Todd Royce says 25 people were taken into custody, but, investigators still need to determine who was buying drugs and who was selling them.  He says, “They’ll either be booked into jail or [investigators] will try and get some intel on possibly further operations.”

Major Jess Anderson with the UHP says the home had been acting as a safe haven for fugitives for a while.  “There were up to five individuals who were wanted by AP&P for violation of their probation,” according to Anderson, plus, a runaway juvenile had been staying there also.

It’s too soon to tell what kinds of charges will be filed against the people arrested in the raid.  However, Anderson says they could range from drug sales to human trafficking.  He says, “They’ll [likely] be charges filed on distribution and possession, obviously.  Also, there’s the fact that two handguns were recovered, one of them being stolen.”