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Utah woman says former Marine saved her life in Las Vegas

Courtesy Brady Tubbs/Facebook

Courtesy Brady Tubbs/Facebook


A Utah woman who survived the Las Vegas shootings says it was all because of a man who helped her, and now she finally knows his name.


Megan Tubbs is from Price, Utah, but lives in St George. She was at the concert with friends and had just met a man who said he was a former Marine.


They were dancing to the music when the shots started, and Megan says he grabbed her hand right away and got her out of there.


“He told me to just keep running. I told him I don’t want to leave you, I feel safe with you, and he said no, you need to be strong, you need to run,” said Megan.


She says she saw him go back in to help others. She didn’t know until today how to find him or find out if he was ok.


Her father Brady Tubbs shared the picture and story on Facebook, and it was shared thousands of times. Thursday morning people identified him as a current San Diego police officer named Mark Williams.


“I am so happy he was safe, too,” said Megan.


Her father Brady says he wants to meet Williams in person and give him a hug and tell him thank you for saving his daughter.


“He is a true hero,” said Brady. “That’s what this is about. With so much negative in the world right now, it shows who Americans really are. That’s who we are,” he said.