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Capt Josh Curtis, Utah Military Academy Hill Field Campus

“Capt. Curtis goes above and beyond to help cadets. He is the SBO advisor and spends many hours at school games. He comes in on Saturdays and decorates the school for Holidays. In 2020 UMA lost 2 cadets within a week or 2 of each other and he went above and beyond to keep the tradition on one of the cadets going. The year of 2020 the SBO decorated the school with snow flakes and lights and decorated doors for Christmas. This year Capt. and the SBO officers decorated for Christmas and Capt. used one of the cadets who passed snowflakes. Capt. Curtis teaches theater classes after school and he is also an actor outside of school. He knows how to engage his cadets in his classes. He make his classes super fun. He has one of his classes do a silent film. He does scavenger hunts around the school about History lessons. He has many artifacts in his class room and he teaches his students about them. Capt. Curtis is really one of the best teachers out there and he cares for all of his cadets/students. Capt. also writes stories and poems.”

Submitted by: Alison Stander

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