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I happened upon Mrs. Lott accidentally. I had spent 3 years of crying/screaming battles over math when my oldest hit 7th grade. She was assigned to Mrs. Lott’s 7th grade math class. When we went in for Back to School night to meet the teachers, I met her for the first time. When we met her, I explained that my daughter hated math and thought she couldn’t do it. With a response that I learned over time was “very her”, she responded, with a smile, “Oh, we can’t have that!” and went on to explain why math was so awesome. My daughter never learned to love math, but she learned she could do it. Mrs. Lott brought enthusiasm and a positive attitude to her class and just loved them.

I had the same battle with my second daughter, but this time I knew where to put her. Thus, started another attitude turn around. This went much farther, though. She ended up being a Teacher’s Assistant for Mrs. Lott all the way through her senior year. She would go back and help her any time she could. She would even turn to Mrs. Lott for help for her high school math classes and Mrs. Lott was always there and willing to help. Her influence helped my daughter decide on becoming a teacher.

When my third child went through, there weren’t any battles to breach. He loved math and loved having her for a teacher. It was probably a pleasant change for Mrs. Lott not to have to change the attitude about math for one of my kids. He enjoyed her class and came out the better for it as well.

This wonderful teacher was my sanity saver. She taught my kids and encouraged them through all sorts of stuff. Whenever I’ve been asked which teacher to choose, I always refer them to her, especially if their kids struggle. She truly is an amazing teacher!

This is from my second daughter: “She’s one of those math teachers who make you look at math a different way. She helps you understand why it works and how it applies to everyday life. If you don’t understand something, she will give you as much help as you want. All you have to do is ask her. She’s very open and not someone to be afraid of. She’s so easy to talk to and be around! She made math easier and not scary. Her classroom is a fun place to be. You look forward to going to her class. She welcomes you with an exuberant hello. She gets to know her students.”

This from my oldest daughter: “Even going through upper level math classes, I still think of some of the tricks and helps she gave us. She gave us great ideas of how to understand concepts that have stuck with me 8 years later. I never really got involved with her class, but, because she knew how much I struggled (because my mom ratted me out) she would make sure I understood and, if I came in, she would really help me understand. And she always remembers her students from previous years.”
– Marla Brannum