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Lisa Cook – Viewmont High School

I have listened to stories on KSL radio for years and felt that I needed to share the experience my twin daughters are having with a math teacher at Viewmont High School in Davis County.

Last year, my daughters were taking an Algebra 2 class as sophomores. Their teacher was Ms. Lisa Cook. During the 2011-2012 school year, Ms. Cook was very helpful laying the foundation for a solid math education.

All sophomores at Viewmont High School must use a portion of their lunch period for a program called SRC (Study Remediation Collaboration). The purpose of the SRC is to allow first term tutor time for new Viewmont sophomores. Once they prove they have passing grades after the first term, they are no longer required to take SRC.

While my daughters were “A” students, they frequently attended SRC with Ms. Cook. She was patient and kind, but more importantly, she cared and was concerned about whether her students understood the coursework. My children were not the only students who sought her out for additional instruction.

A year later and my daughters are still learning from her. They are now in pre calculus, also maintaining “A” grade point, but still regularly visit Ms. Cook for help.
Ms. Cook regularly gives up her lunch time to be available for students. In fact, Ms. Cook keeps a supply of soups and mac-n-cheese in her portable classroom and has even fed my kids if they skip lunch to get clarification.

On several nights I have seen them text a picture of a math problem and she has met them in the morning to help them solve it.

On one cold morning this past January, she walked a mile from her apartment in Bountiful because snow plows had blocked her car in her driveway and she knew students would be waiting for her.

Great teachers are masters of their subject matter. They set high expectations for all students. They are prepared and organized but most of all great teachers form strong relationships with their students and show them that they care about them as people. Lisa Cook cares about her students.

I have had and experienced many good teachers in my life but none as dedicated to the education of her students like Ms. Cook. She is unique in every way. The notion of giving her time to the betterment of others is truly amazing to me. In this crazy, busy world to find someone with such commitment is rare.

In writing this letter, I hope to persuade you of one thing: Lisa Cook is a worthy recipient of the Zions Bank Teacher Feature Award. There is no doubt in my mind that she is the real deal!!


Francine Giani Luczak