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Martin Cook, Snow Springs Elementary

“Mr. Cook by far is one of the best teachers I have ever had! He really goes the extra mile to make sure his students are constantly learning and developing. His interesting way of thinking combined with his flexible, open minded personality, makes him easy and fun to talk to, and an all around fun person. It doesn’t matter if you are his student, colleague, or one of his students parents; Everyone gets along with him and enjoys being with him. It doesn’t matter your level of learning, he will always help you along your way. Mr. Cook has one of the most intriguing thoughts about things that really start to get you thinking deeply. Anyone who gets a chance to be in his class is very lucky. The interesting views he shares, his love for amazing bands, and his overall love for learning/teaching makes him one of the best teachers that anyone could ever have! I have learned so much from him, and he has forever changed the way I think about ordinary things. Thank you for the amazing learning experiences Mr. Cook!”

Submitted by: Bailey Heugly

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