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Nathan Smith, Sunset Ridge Middle School

‘To be honest, he is the first math teacher that has actually helped me enough to get all A’s and he is an amazing TA teacher. He makes sure everyone in the class is caught up on all assignments in their schedules.”

Submitted by: Austin

“He cares about his students and especially tries to help them get their grade up. I think that’s an awesome way to help his students and I really appreciate his dedication to helping his students. I am very thankful to have him this year.”

Submitted by: Sebastian Azevedo

“Mr. Smith can do a backflip”

Submitted by: Rianna Fewkes

“I like this teacher because he makes math and we both share favorite sport teams.”

Submitted by: Mattias Danielson

“Mr. Smith has a cool name.”

Submitted by: Nate Kitchen

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