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Orem police offering designated driver service NYE

Orem police are getting everything ready for New Year’s weekend. Some officers plan to act as designated drivers.

Lt Craig Martinez says two Orem police officers will be working overtime from 10 PM to 2 AM on Saturday and Sunday, just assigned to take people home if they have had too much to drink.

“As much as we love arresting drunks or impaired drivers, we would rather just prevent people from doing it,” said Martinez.
They are using a prisoner transport van with a special decal on the side.  People can reach out through dispatch or a special twitter hashtag that the department will be monitoring. They’ll release more information closer to the weekend.

It has to be to or from Orem within a 15 mile radius.  And Martinez says you’ll have to take a selfie with the officers.

“We are going to take pictures because we want to interact with the public, and we want to show the good things our officers are doing. We want to make it a fun night for everybody.”