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feral dog
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Feral dog that developed ‘love of blood’ located, killed

WEST VALLEY CITY — A feral dog has been located and put down after animal control officers say it developed a taste for blood.

West Valley City officials say the 70 pound-German Shepherd mix had been evading capture for about a year now and has been killing livestock for fun.

An animal control officer spotted the feral dog yesterday in an open field and tried to trap it before the dog was spotted again and shot while tracking livestock in a sheep pasture.

Lane Morris, West Valley City’s Community Preservation Department Director says the dog was killed humanely.

Recent reports confirmed the dog had tried to attack a child and had killed over 40 chickens, sheep, goats and a full grown alpaca. Morris says some “misguided” people in the area were regularly feeding it.

The city would have preferred to capture and euthanize it but say shooting the dog was a matter of public safety.